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Our Team of investor friendly real estate agents offers a high level of service whether you’re looking to buy your first investment, first home, downsize, upgrade, or sell. FIRE Realty has top-tier experience, better systems, stellar negotiation skills, and more drive than you’ll find anywhere else.

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The bread and butter of Metro Detroit Real Estate, single family homes produce outstanding price-to-rent ratios. Whether it's your 1st home or 30th investment, FIRE Realty Team has you covered. 


With options ranging from duplexes to 50+ unit apartment complexes, multi-family properties are in high demand. FIRE can find the investment property worth adding to your portfolio. 


If you haven't considered short term rentals like Air BnB investments, you're missing out. Detroit has bustling industries that require travel, resulting in a high demand for short term rentals.  

Metro Detroit Real Estate

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Average Rehab Range $5K-$15k
Average Rent Range $1,100-$1,500
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Investor Friendly Agents

We feel passionate about the potential of our Metro Detroit real estate market. Whether you are local or out of state, we can help you obtain properties in Michigan. FIRE Realty is fluent in the home buying process from start to finish including sourcing deals, analyzing comps, finding ARVs, and running the numbers on ROI, cash flow, & cap rate. On the other hand, we're also exceptional at helping first-time homebuyers find the place where they can start building roots. 
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Specializing in Detroit Investment Properties

FIRE Realty Team is a group of experts when it comes to analyzing investment properties and finding the most profitable real estate deal. Discover the characteristics that make FIRE stand out from the pack. 


FIRE Realty Team focuses on introducing and educating clients on the ins and outs of local markets. Our real estate investment experts work closely with our clients to ensure we find the deal that suits your needs. Well-informed, happy clients is our #1 goal. 


As a team of investor-friendly real estate agents, FIRE Realty Team is your go-to source for analyzing ROI and reappraisal values. Our team is extremely skilled at sourcing and recognizing deals based on price, location, and current market trends.


There's a difference between being eager and being overly-aggressive. FIRE Realty knows the ideal balance when it comes to landing the right deal. When considering all factors, we're confident in our ability to make the right decision for our clients.


Having a well-balanced and highly motivated team is one thing, add in our connections and FIRE Realty is unbeatable. Our network consists of additional industry experts including First Centennial Title Agency, Mortgage 1, and many more. 


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