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Detroit Cash Flow Properties

Dive into evolving and vast opportunities with varying Detroit Cash Flow Property types.

Different Types of Detroit Real Estate

Before we dive into the numbers and different types of Cash flowing Properties let’s take a look at a Market overview.

In any business model you have a supply/demand curve. Every major city has PLENTY of locals who want to rent. Period. There is always plenty of demand. In some areas the supply of rentals is higher and lower. One of the reasons Metro Detroit has such great Price/Rent ratios is because it isn’t as popular as beach or mountain towns. In those areas, everyone wants to be a landlord so there are lots of rentals driving down the price/rent ratio.

You also have variables like demand for housing. In beach towns and mountain towns, this demand is so high, it drives prices up very high. Metro Detroit is a market where the Price/Rent ratio is amazing.

Single Family

Single Family homes are the Bread and Butter of Metro Detroit Real Estate investing. The price/rent ratios are outstanding. You can buy 20-30 single family homes in a good location at a good price/rent ratio and retire. Easy. One might expect to find a nice property that costs a little more than $100k and rents for around $1300/month. This type of property easily beats the 1% rule, has double digit COC ROI, and you can expect to get around $300 a month in pure cash flow right away. Adding a nice quantity of Metro Detroit Single Family Homes is a very solid foundation to any investment portfolio.

Short-Term Rentals

Short Term Rentals? Like Air BnB short term rentals? In Detroit? YES! With the abundant supply of auto and hospitality industries there is a strong demand for executives, traveling nurses, athletes and more needed short term stays. Oftentimes, nightly rates can push up over $200/night. It’s possible to make a few thousand dollars PROFIT on a good short term rental in the Metro Detroit area. It goes back to that supply and demand curve. There is a much lower supply of short term rentals available than there is demand, so those that do have them, do very well.

Multifamily - Large

Metro Detroit has a nice supply of Multifamily properties. Ranging from duplexes all the way up to 50 unit apartment buildings. These types of properties typically are in higher demand by and make for great additions to any investment portfolio and can help an investor scale quickly.
  • Richi was the absolute best real estate agent. I purchased from out of state, and Richi helped walk through every property for me with detailed video and his descriptions of what he was seeing. His expertise was spot on and it made the process seamless. He was accessible through all of the stress and he really lightened my load while out of state. Im looking forward to the next time I get to work with him. A+ agent!


  • I just closed on my second property with this team. Two house hacks with them essentially. I’ve worked closely with Michael and Nick, and I have only positive things to say. They are very knowledgeable about the market they serve. They put your Interests first, very approachable and easy to work it. I will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to get a property, be it a primary residence or an Investment property.

    Alhagie K.

Detroit Cash Flow Properties

FIRE Realty team and our team of experts are fluent across all these types of cash flow properties. Most popular among our clientele are the single family home rentals because you just can’t beat the abundance of properties and how good the numbers work. It’s not a matter of waiting to find one…it’s looking at what’s on the market and taking your pick.
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