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FIRE Realty Team runs the numbers and keeps a keen eye on trends to find clients the best possible deal.

A Real Estate Team of Investors... For Investors

FIRE Realty Team is a group of local real estate agents who are active investors. Founded on the premise of F.I.R.E. (Financial Independence Retire Early), FIRE set out to fill a huge void in the Metro Detroit real estate agent community – helping investors invest. Not just to set up searchings and showings…but to truly be investor consultants and take a new investors from conversation to closing and beyond. Additionally, FIRE discusses advanced investing strategies with the fluent investor. This critical component was missing in the Realtor world and FIRE Realty Team accomplishes it.
A smiling investment real estate customer of FIRE Realty sitting on a kitchen counter

FIRE Realty's Method

A requirement of being a FIRE Realty Team Agent is to be an investor. Our agents have to walk the walk to talk the talk. Something very few real estate agents actually do. Having investments themselves, our team collects all the necessary resources to pass along to a new or Out of State investor; inspectors, contractors, property managers, attorneys, and any resources one might need. Additionally, FIRE’s team has all the personal experience of what types of properties to buy, how to run the numbers, how to handle rehabs, how to handle difficult tenant situations, and more. This makes for an easy transition, or continued growth for any investor investing in the Metro Detroit Market.

What you Should Get with Detroit Investment Companies

An Agent who will listen to and consult on your personal investing goals/strategy/criteria
An Agent who will help you find/select/analyze good deals that match your criteria
Top notch listing agents for max profits when selling
Boots on the ground with pictures/videos for Out of State Investors
Top notch negotiators
A smooth closing process with a highly skilled team of administrators
Access to an experienced investor to consult with and grow investment knowledge
Connections to local resources that investors need during closing and post closing

The Greatest Win-Win

FIRE Realty Team has it engrained that the #1 goal is a 5-star review, but why is this such a critical focus for our team? Because we help investors! Investors notoriously want the “cheaper houses”. Which is completely fair. However, FIRE Realty Team doesn’t make a lot of money on a $100k house. Commissions are smaller on a $100k house vs a $500k house. 

BUT – what is good about investors is they want to buy multiple houses. While the price point is low, the volume is high. Therefore, FIRE Realty Team and the client both have the same goal… buying numerous houses. Well, if your realtor is horrible, you probably aren’t going to use them again. This is why FIRE Realty Team emphasizes top notch service, because we truly want you to succeed so that you come back and buy more. If the deal is good, FIRE encourages you. If our agents at FIRE wouldn’t buy the property ourselves, we recommend not buying it. After all, we want satisfied, repeat clients. It’s the ultimate Win-Win.

The FIRE Way

No one should work forever. And there’s no faster way to build passive income and Retire than through buying Real Estate. FIRE Realty Team is living it, breathing it, teaching it, executing it. They aim to help as many investors accomplish Retirement (or just massive wealth) through real estate as possible. With many success stories to share, its considered the ultimate achievement.

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